Choosing the Best Travel Camera for A Vacation

Long gone are the days when you simply asked how many pixels a camera had to decide if it was a good one!  Now, just about any camera sensor is just about good enough to get by on a vacation in daylight!

So there we have it, our first clue as to what makes a great vacation camera, let’s take daylight as being pretty much sorted.  All modern cameras should be able to make a reasonable job out of that!


Night time and low light is the real test of a good camera!

Just about every compact camera has a flash hasn’t it?  So were are sorted right?
If you read this Top 10 Vacation Photo Tips article, turning the flash OFF can give you the shot that your eyes can see!  Flash is one of the best ways to ruin a lovely night scene.
All we see is the subject, perfectly lit a few metres away and a totally dark and murky background!

To get a really good shot, you need a camera that can work well WITHOUT the help of a flash.
Now here’s the bad news!  There aren’t many compact cameras that are up to this amazing task!
to jhelp you out we’ve posted a few links here to review articles:


The Choices that we would personally pick out are:

  • The Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100
  • Nikon 1
  • Canon S95
  • Panasonic LX7
  • Canon SD4000
  • Canon Powershot D20 (weatherproof and waterproof_