Photoshop Crime or Artistic Beauty?

Having graduated with a first class degree in Photography, a painful lesson is learned very early on; a bad shot is a bad shot.

Sure, a little tweaking and adjustment can be beneficial, but a full scale rescue of an image is destined for ridicule by onlookers and peers.

Occasionally we see stunning images that have been heavily ‘Photoshopped’, but, sadly, we are more likely to see some photoshop horrors.

So we set out to find an already popular image from our portfolio and wizz it through one of our favourite editing packages Nik Color Effects Pro to see if we add or subtract from the original shot.

Before (Optimised in Lightroom 4)

IMG_7408After (NIK Color Effects Pro – Solarization)


The Verdict?

We remain undecided ourselves.  The NIK effect is dramatic, but, in our opinion it changes the photograph into a graphic.  We like it, but it is an extreme treatment that perhaps succeeds only because of the subject.  (In this case, Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom).  A slightly different subject and the heavily graphical effect would look very out of place.

Let us know what you feel about the two versions, we’d love to hear more!