Vacation Home Photography

Photography is often our only window into ‘reality’ as we browse online for our essential goods and services.
Would you buy a pair of shoes online if the used awful photography for their summer season?

Probably not!

With vacation homes however, this is exactly what happens, mainly due to private homeowners touring their lovely properties with a point and shoot set in Auto.
In hundredths of a second, a lovely home can be transformed into a rather dull and dreary den, as the camera tries to make sense of the troublesome lighting that pours in through the windows.
The camera tries to kill the light, unaware that it makes that room look a little shady.

Equally, bathrooms in particular take on a gawdy orange ‘sci-fi’ orange as the tungsten lights and low levels of daylight hit the back of the camera sensor, producing a less than inspiring ‘warm tone’ that looks far from professional.

Don’t fear.  If your vacation home looks like that, not all is lost!
Good photo software can repair a lot of bad in those room shots, and here’s a great series of before and afters that we ran for one of Florida’s leading vacation rental home sites.
The images were provided by the property manager, but the guys at wanted a better solution without the expense and inconvenience to the guest schedule of a full reshoot.

Before                               After

VC nature_01VC nature_01

uTVC5038319 (11)uTVC5038319 (11)

uTVC5038319 (17)uTVC5038319 (17)

uTVC5038319 (13)uTVC5038319 (13)

VC townhomeVC townhome

While some people might accuse the adjustments as ‘cheating’ by ‘Photoshopping’ the images to create a more attractive result, Lightroom simply lifts the shadows and reduces the highlights in this example.

In effect, we have merely recreated what the human eye would naturally see when in this lovely home !!

Which do you prefer?