Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words

When it comes to quality travel images, there’s nothing at all quite like National Geographic’s stunning imagery.


If you are after inspiration or simply love staring endlessly at beautiful photography, take a look at their photography section.
Now we know that the images are taken by the world’s most elite science and travel photographers, but we truly beleive that inspiration and ideas can be drawn from thinking about some of the possibilities that cameras offer, when used thoughtfully.
Don’t forget that places such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Busch Gardens offer a unique chance to snap some great wildlife shots!


If you look closely the National Geographic site you will see this photo tips section.
It offers a great insight into how many of those images came to light!
With even the cheapest of cameras, a determined photographer with a basic understanding of technique, will turn out amazing vacation snaps.  So don’t give up!

Keep shooting and keep learning from the images that you meet face to face every hour of the day!

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These travel images are courtesy of the online Orlando Travel Guide