Luxury Travel Photography – Tips – Catching the Peak Action!

Catching Peak Action the secret to the best vacation shots!

If you’ve ever wondered how to grab yourself an amazing theme park shot that will wow your friends on Facebook, it’s all about that magic moment!

It happens only once for every shot, and if you miss it, it has gone forever.  With the right skill however, it’s in the camera and yours for the bragging rights!

This shot for totalorlando of the Serveur Amusement street performers in the French area of Epcot, is a good example of that moment.  Nothing fast going on to be honest, it’s just that point that counts!  A split second earlier and his feet were on the chair below, a split second later and he artist was purely vertical, somehow losing the impact.

IMG_5922There’s no magic here, you can easily do it yourself, and here’s a few tips to help you on your way!

  1. Even if the action is slow, keep your shutter speed high!  It stops a blurred image!
  2. If your camera has a continuous shoot mode, choose that for a quick burst of images.  Start shooting just before the action starts and you get the beginning, middle and end!
  3. If you are shooting something that repeats, watch it first without the camera, you can judge how things work out for your shoot!
  4. Sometimes it’s nice to aim the camera, then back your head away from the eyepiece to watch the scene unfold.  The wider view allows you to judge timing much better!
  5. Don’t stop shooting until it’s all over.  There’s always a good shot about to come if you are patient!

Sometimes however, there’s no substitute for thinking the action through before it actually happens!  Try and weigh up your environment and look for clues as to where the action will be and how best to position your camera!This shot of Disney’s Lights, Motors, Action stunt show at Hollywood Studios Orlando, was just one of those moments.

I know this sounds a bit boastful, but nothing about this shot was chance, even though it was my first time shooting here this event.  I was so closely following the stunt crews movements that I could see that they were preparing for the car to completely change direction and jump the flames.
How hard was I concentrating?  I had a killer of a headache, but it was well worth it!