Selfie Sticks – A Time And A Place?

A great article about selfie sticks in the theme parks, made me think a little more about ‘what is acceptable behavior’ when taking a travel picture.
I don’t own a selfie stick myself, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I am uncomfortable whenever I see a picture of myself.  Can I really look that old/large lol?

Also, I do realize that selfie sticks carry a little stigma right now.  Perhaps I suffer from self esteem issues based on these opening words, but I kind of keep a professional, but low profile while I work.  An essential asset for any good travel or documentary photographer.
I will step up when I need to, but I don’t want to change the landscape by affecting the scene I am trying to shoot.  As photo journalists know; you must record the news, not be a part of the news!

Selfie sticks stand out too much, especially when surrounded by a team of family and friends all waving, cheering and falsely posing and pouting in self admiration hehe!

I do sympathize with the owners of these ‘extended arms’.  Who wouldn’t want a better picture if you can get one?  If a telescopic tube of lightweight steel can achieve that, then why not?  A magic moment at the Magic Kingdom would be worth the glares and stares as you block the walkways surely?  It’s not as though we will ever meet those angry people again is it?

There’s an old piece of wisdom though; “if it does not seem right, it probably isn’t”

Taking this a little further, which of these two scenarios works for you in terms of acceptable behavior?

  1. It’s Easter weekend at Epcot and the busy theme park has been very crowded.  Your last chance to grab a great memento is by turning your back on the illuminations fireworks and reaching up over the heads of the people behind you as they crane their necks to see the show as your selfie sticked iPhone grabs the perfect shot.
  2. You are out on a trail on Tom Sawyer’s Island at the Magic Kingdom and you wait hatting until there’s no-one around before you take a quick but very well composed picture of you and your kids by those rolling rocks?
  3. You stop by your favorite photo point at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and politely ask a passer by if they’d be kind enough to take your group’s picture?

The 3 scenarios above might offer you an obvious answer, but not everyone will feel the same I guess.  We are all different, with different values, different needs and entirely different considerations for what we must do on vacation.

In case you are wondering?  Scenario 3 is my preference.  Disney guests are so much fun, and they love to offer their support towards your family’s vacation!
I usually ask them where they are from and have they had a great time, and maybe ask them where they’d recommend for a snack/meal today.
It’s all part of the Disney Magic for me.  Selfie Stick or not.