The Digital LOMO Camera – Sort of!

As any photography degree student will confirm, there’s no such thing as a bad camera!

Each camera has it’s own unique way of recording an image, and non more so than those film cameras that have almost vanished from trace!
The variable build quality, different types of film, matched with an inability to check the image as you shot, all created an exciting world of variation as you pressed that shutter release!
Film processing and paper┬áselection all added to the wonderful serendipity of what is now called ‘analogue imaging’ (film).

Today, I stumbled across an article by Erin Foster on the TouringPlans Blog, and I instantly associated her ‘tie pin’ style camera images with the Lomography┬áthat excited and inspired us all at University.

The 5Mp Narrative Camera Clip takes an image every 2 mins and looks set to become a modern day Digital Lomo Camera, and although a fabulous piece of digital wizardry that deserves your dollars, it still possesses a respectable amount of image uniqueness that I truly adore!

It’s a cool $225 dollars, but definitely worth it to camera fans!