A Good Lens deserves lots of care, but not a UV filter!

After manufacturers like Canon spend several millions developing a lens to a level of eye watering sharpness, why do we add a piece of inferior glass of our own?

That’s what we do when we add a UV filter to protect a lens form scratches and dust!
Yes, those lenses cost hundreds, if not thousands, but why would a serious photographer risk refractions and aberrations?

If you ever wanted to be convinced that minor lens damage is harmless check this amazing article out!

Even crazy ‘damage’ like this didn’t do too much to an image in Kurt Munger’s amazing test!

OK, so that’ is a lot of stuff on the lens and admittedly some minor stuff was showing on the images, but hey, it does kind of make a point!

UV filters?  Hmm, rather trust Canon than a filter manufacturer thank you, a new front element fitted by an authorised Canon dealer isn’t the end of the world if you gouge a lens either!
(About the cost of two Pro UV filters!)

If you really want to improve image quality and protect your front element, always, always use the lens hood that was supplied with your lens every single time you shoot, indoor or out!
They dramatically imporve image contrast when shooting in cross light, and offer rugged and basic protection should anything head into the path of your precious glass!


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