Seek Inspiration Before you Shoot!

There are loads of reasons why a pro photographer takes great travel pics.
But it isn’t all down to technique and equipment!

Most graduates are all too familiar with the term ‘research’ and photography is no different!
There are two types of research that we will discuss today;

  1. Seek advice on technique
  2. Get inspiration!

Technique is key!

Taking great vacation snaps involves an few key techniques to be mastered.  Without understanding how to make the most of your camera, the results will be little more than ‘luck’.  The more you learn, the less you will rely upon that luck and the better the shots become.
It is unrealistic to expect great results just off a few days of research, but over the course of the time between booking your vacation and actually getting there, you will have plenty of time!

By setting yourself some tasks, while you are at home, work and play, you will quickly come on!   Try shooting indoors and improve on your previous images.  Shoot in low light and shoot with very slow shutter speeds to see what can be achieved and how those images turn out!

Check out some great websites by searching in Google for Vacation Photo Tips it seems obvious, so have a go yourself!

Inspiration will make your shots look professional

Looking at other photographer’s work might seem like cheating at first, but the practice is an important part of your education as a great vacation snapper!
Ask any pro shooter and they will tell you which great photographers inspire them most!

Check out this top100 travel photographer list for some wonderful ideas and examples of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it!

From a personal perspective, I like love looking at the work of British Photographer Martin Parr before I head out on a Travel Shoot.  I appreciate the ability that Martin has to capture people in their environments, which is of course, the whole purpose of a family vacation snap!

Great Photography takes time, research and practice!

Whatever happens, don’t expect too much overnight, but practice & learn every single day in some way!
It’s hard work, but like everything in life, the more you practice, the luckier you get!


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